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Interview - Lilyanne Bloom

Here are my answers:

1-When did you start, along with your boyfriend, making these videos with lots of preliminaries and oral sex?


We started about a year ago with a clip store on Clips4sale.com, then we met Camille and Mike and, with their help, we brought it to another level by starting our website, Pornographic Love.


2-What led you doing sensual blow-jobs?


In our videos, we are showing our very own sex life and it happens to be sensual, passionate and full of love, so it is natural to depict sensuality.


3-Has it been a rewarding experience?


Definitely! So far, we are growing on a personal and technical level by learning from our experiences in producing content and by discussing with our viewers.


4-When did you turn these 'video experience' public?


My boyfriend and I have both a very strong exhibitionist side and since he bought is first camera, he has been filming me, so it was kind of natural to make it public. The site launched in July 2011.


5-Did you have any references/influences when you started? If you had, who were they?


Yes, we have been very influenced by The Art of Blowjob. We love their aesthetic and their attention to detail, but we don’t really watch their videos too much, since they're our friends.


6-What about nowadays, do you still have any references?


Not really. We don’t watch very much porn. We do what we feel at the moment we are filming... We could do something very similar to someone else and we do not even know!


7-How was it working with Camille and Mike, because of the website?


It’s wonderful to work with them. We became friends very fast and it’s fun to see how Max and Mike have similar interests in tech and DIY stuff and Camille and I into music and arts. They are always there for us if we need them.


8-Do you like their work?


Of course! But honestly we don’t watch to much their work... we wouldn't to be too readily influenced...


9-How did you meet/got to know about them?


I met Mike and Camille on Twitter... We talked about some non-porn related stuff and we ended up having a supper with them and the rest started by itself.


10-Do you believe love and caring is something extremely important to be shown in your movies?


For us, it is the most important thing to show in our videos. Love and sex are meant to be together and it’s something we don’t see enough in porn in general.


11-Do you believe all that is pretty much lacking in this world?


I think there is more love in the world than we think, but we still always need more.


12-Do you try to pass on some kind of message in your videos? If you do, what messages?


We don’t really want to pass a message, but if something had to came out of our work it would be that being in love and connecting with someone and having sex with this person in a healthy and consenting way is truly beautiful, fun and natural.


13-What makes your work so unique, among all other movies - hetero oral sex ones and those where the man takes all the control?


Our work is unique in that we are a couple and that we share love. In most of the other porn productions I've seen, it’s not that the man takes control, it’s more that it’s two or more person, who most of the time don’t know each other and don’t have the connection we have or that Camille and Mike have, for example. I think that this connection is the beautiful thing and it is such a turn-on to watch.


14-Are you getting a lot of feedback?


Our site is still very young but we are starting to receive lots of positive comments.


15-Have you ever received any critic? If you have, was it/them positive or negative?


Yes, we’ve had a lot of feedback. Most of them are very positive and a lot a surprisingly coming from women and couples. People who become members of our site are looking for more pornography featuring love and respect.


16-Were you also able to retain some important feedback from any comment/critic?


For sure. I read every comment we receive and I consider every suggestion. Some are realistic and some others are not. We are showing our very own sexual life on our site so as long as it’s fitting in what we love to do, we are happy to try it.


17-What's your opinion about the importance of masturbation and preliminaries?


Masturbation, mutual or solo, is such a fabulous thing. It’s a big part of our sexual life... like morning handjobs... And foreplay is our sexuality. We often make love without penetration because sex is so much more than that. Honouring our partner's body and pleasing them in lots of different ways is very satisfying.


18-What do you need is yet to be done so people understand all of that is completely normal to do?


I think people need to rediscover sexuality. In this day and age, a lot of people have gotten their sexual education by watching porn and not by connecting with others, so we want to share the idea that sex and love have to be linked.


19-If you were invited to make a pornographic movie, would you do it?


Yes! We will have our first movie available in Canada on pay-per-view in February. It will be a selection of our first videos but in the Spring we are planning to produce more movies with exclusive scenes.


20-What's your thoughts about the common pornography environment?


For me, I could never evolve into mainstream porn. I could not have sex with a lot of strangers, I need to be mentally attracted to my partner and I could not fake orgasms. Also, my body could never handle having so many gigantic cocks inside me... I have a fragile pussy, you know... But really, it’s not to judge others, everybody has their own comfort zone. As long as the people are respected in their choices, I have nothing against it... It's just not for me.


21-Do you think it needs to be changed?


Yes and no. It has a market for everything from sensuality to brutality, from cheesy to artsy. Like I said, as long as everybody feels respected, it’s OK with me.


22-What message would you like to give to those who are only starting directing porn movies? And for those who are starting as actors/actresses?


Do what’s turns you on... Don’t do it only for money or fame. And if you don’t like what you see, then make your own!


23-Do you think there should be more people taping their oral sex practices and share it with others?  


Sure! The more there are, the better it is!


24-Are you familiar with Erika Lust's movies? If you are, do you think that's the way porn industry should go?


I know her name... And by checking her website, her work seems beautiful. I think that we need every kind of porn to please every kind of person. So I don’t think that all the industry should look like what she does, or what we do. There's room for lots of different kinds of porn.


25-What did you learn with Camille?


She taught me a lot about being a webmaster and about technical aspects of having your own site. She has also given me a lot of tricks about how to interact with people on the internet. With her, I am learning everyday.


26-What would you still like to do?


I would love to do more videos and movies!


27- What message would you like to give for those who are about to initiate their sexual life?


For guys, I would suggest them to learn how to take care of a woman’s body and to not be too selfish when they are making love. And for girls, I would tell them to appreciate and to learn to be comfortable with their own body. For both, I would say that love is the key for a satisfying sexual life.









Interview by Pedro Marques


Translation and correction by Sílvia Dias

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