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Interview - Camille Crimson

When did you start this experience of making movies about oral sex –
both of you doing so -, Camille Crimson masturbating you and
practicing ‘deep throat’?

We started the site back in the fall of 2007, so it's been a while now.

Did you ponder a lot about and before starting making this videos?

Not too much, actually.  We always enjoyed exploring photography and
cinematography, we had a vibrant and passionate sex life and we
already had Dolorem, our sensual photography site, so it felt like a
logical next step.

How do you rate this experience? Are you loving doing so?

I absolutely adore what I do and it's a very enriching experience.

What pleases you the most: masturbation or oral sex? If oral sex, do
you prefer practicing ‘deep throat’?

I like so many different things, so I don't like choosing one over the
other.  The best kind of pleasure is when I can do whatever I enjoy.
I love deep throat, but I also like licking, kissing, sucking,
caressing…  It's all part of giving a great blowjob.

Have you been having many followers of your work?

Yes, I'm lucky to have lots of amazing people who enjoy what I do.

Overall, what’s the public’s reaction about your work?

Very positive.  It's different than most porn, and people love it
because it's such a refreshing change in the adult industry.

What distinguish you the most from other actors/actresses that
practice oral sex and masturbation, in their own movies?

Well, we're not actors.  We're a real couple in love and we're trying
to show our authentic sexuality.  So it's not performative like most
porn.  Sure, there's a camera on, but it's a very different feeling.

Is there some kind of message that you’re trying, or would like to, to
pass through your work?

I hope that people watch what we do and realize that sex is best when
you care about your partner and their pleasure, and this goes for men
and women.  It's not about blowjobs, it's about caring to take the
time to explore your partner's body and see what they like and to be
willing to try to make that happen.

Have you ever thought about working in the pornographic world and that
you’d ultimately become fantastic professionals? (you’re amazing on
what you perform!)

It's something that I had wanted to do for a while, so I'm glad that
we can have our own site now and make porn our way.

In what circumstances have you started to work with pornography? Did
you enter this world by chance?

We had been having great sex and shooting videos and photos just for
fun.  We were making websites for other people at the time, and we had
an awful client who didn't pay for a really big contract, so we were
so tired of dealing with other people that we decided we'd rather do
something ourselves, and porn was a very obvious choice based on our

Is it easy to perform ‘deep throat’?

I think that it's something that can be learned, but it takes practice
and you have to take it slow.

How did you learn to do it?

Just trial and error.  Over time, I got used to it and it was my
passion and curiosity that made me keep going.

What kind of pleasure do you achieve while doing it?

I just like making my boyfriend feel good.  It's not the most
important part of the blowjob necessarily, but it's another aspect of
what makes him feel good.

Would you like to teach others how to perform ‘deep throat’?

I hope people watch my videos and see the techniques I use for various
aspects of the blowjob and take that into practice.

What’s your motive for not using condoms in your movies?

There's no motive.  I only shoot with my boyfriend, and we are tested
so we can go without condoms.  It's not a political statement, it's
just where we are in our sexual relationship.

Do you feel more pleasure when she practices ‘deep throat’ on you, or
is it the same while she’s doing other sexual things?

I can't speak for Mike, but I think that he enjoys all aspects of our
sex life, not just deep throating.

What message would you like to give for those who are only starting in
the “pornographic world” or are thinking about it?

People need to make something special.  Porn doesn't get attention if
it's just the same old porn.  Find a way to be genuine and authentic,
and please please please try to get some tips on editing and shooting
videos and photos.

Is it easy for you to gain reconnaissance for the work you’re been
doing? If yes, is it easy for you to maintain your quality’s level?

It's a lot of work to publicize porn that comes from such humble
beginnings, but we are doing something special and different, so after
a while, people take note.

Do people (fans) approach you on the streets? If they do, what do they tell you?

It's never happened, actually.

Do you usually receive positive and supporting emails, along with
constructive criticism?

The e-mails I receive is all pretty much positive, sometimes with
suggestions, but not really criticism.

If you do, what do you learn from them?

I just learn how much people appreciate having access to more sensual,
realistic and beautiful porn.

Do you get proposals from people that want to start working on the
pornographic industry?

From time to time, and we try to see if they're actually serious.

If you do get them, are the proposals interesting and good enough for you?

We made a site for another couple called
http://www.pornographiclove.com because they fit so well, so if there
are the right kinds of people, it can certainly work.

Are you only professionals or are you a real life couple?

We're a real couple.  We've been together for 16 years now.

Was it easy for you to start your path in the pornography industry?

Nothing is ever easy, but it was worthwhile.  :)

Did you always get work proposals?

We only work for ourselves, so we create our own site and content.

Have you ever thought about quitting?

No, it's too rewarding and wonderful as an experience.

When did you start being recognized by others?

We've never been recognized in public.  :)

Have you ever done something that you didn’t like, before?

No, we make sure to only make videos and photos that we genuinely
enjoy making so that it's realistic sex and pleasure.

Thank you so much for your time. Wish you all the best of the best!

Thank you very much!  Have a great day!



Interview by Pedro Marques


Translation and correction by Sílvia Dias

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