Quarta-feira, 7 de Dezembro de 2011

Cock-Hungry Chick


Cock-Hungry Chick


You loved cock-sucking, guys coming in your mouth, loved to receive guys as a gift, you loved the way they pleasured you with their cocks. And I had the pleasure to invite you into my house, so we’d fuck or for you to, simply, suck my dick. Nowadays I would be delighted only by having a blow job from you and if you’d make me cum. I wish you to fuck me and fuck your sweethearts – wish you to perform and magnificent 69 to all of us.


I want to watch you while you fuck, I want to see you on doggy style and giving many blow jobs. You crazy fuck. Ah ah ah. You can’t even imagine how much you arouse me just by watching you fucking me or others. I want you to cum nice and slow, you crazy fuck. You can’t imagine desirable and fuckable you are – how good you suck cocks. All this pleasure, all together, gives me the satisfaction of wanting you to have all these moments. Alongside with your amazing performance and your friends. I’m lost in desire of watching you fuck them and giving blow jobs; for you to fuck me and suck me. Everyday I long for that moment, everyday I turn mad while seeing all the joy-faces your friends have just by the turn-on you give them. I want to hear you moan, I want you to cum and spread away screams of pleasure. I really want you to reach the sexual ecstasy. I hope you turn mad with all the pleasure you get from this wonderful sex we make and from your amazing blow jobs.


I cum for pleasure just by the way you fuck me, by the way you suck my cock and just by seeing your shinning face after a blow job is given, or after you ride me, with all that seduction and appeal you have.


You perfectly that your lip-service is amazing and your riding is crazy-good, as is well known that you know what it takes to make us cum hard. The way you make us wander, with fully erect cocks and breathless because of how good it feels; the way you turn us mad with your energetic riding and fantastic blow jobs.


It’s so nice when you’re on your knees or in doggy style, all ready for us, and, as a reward, you’ll be getting a wonderful sex night, having for dessert big ice creams, from me and from your friends, your favorite to have at your sexual parties.


Suck it, suck it, fuck, fuck you crazy bitch, you crazy girl. Suck it, suck it, fuck, fuck you crazy bitch, you crazy girl.


I surrender to your fucking style, I simply cum just by thinking about those crazy blow jobs you give me and when I watch you fucking your friends. I cum just by imagining your mouth sucking our cocks and your pussy all ready to have us in.

Precisely by that forgotten Monument, that you like, we had some turn-on and pleasure parties. Ah ah ah. Remember when you confided in me that you were longing for more aggressive moments, like ripping your clothes off or tying you down?! I made an effort of choosing some sexual objects, so you could enjoy the moment. A couple of scarves, feathers, ice cubes...all that for a quick torture moment. Ah ah ah.


Tonight we’ll be tying you to the bed that’s by the monument with the scarves, blindfold you, rip your clothes off so we can fuck you hard. Wander the feather around your neck, your body, spank you, bite your soft skin, use the ice cube on your belly and on your nipples, just the way you love. I’ll torture you afterwards. You’ll suffer a little, by being tied and feeling the ice, the feather, the kisses and body fondling. To finalize I have a surprise for you, that we’ll personally love. But don’t you worry, don’t get nervous or scared because we won’t miss any spot – we want to pleasure you to the max, make you cum many times, with this kisses, this fondling and with the feather’s and the ice cubes’ help.


Not even on purpose did I let the camera on, so I could tape all these moments, all the doggy-style sex we had and record all these blow-jobs. This way you can review these moments, later, with your friends. You can review these horny, wild and sexy moments you had with your favorite guys and our perfect cocks.


Suck it, suck it, fuck, fuck you crazy bitch, you crazy girl. Suck it, suck it, fuck, fuck you crazy bitch, you crazy girl.



Written by: Pedro Marques Baresi88


Translation and correction by Sílvia Dias

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