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Interview - Sandra Shine

Interview - Sandra Shine


Do you have an easy time finding models to pose for you, or to be porn actresses for your website?


-Yes I run my own model agency too so its eay access for me. Its


Is it easy to be an agent?


-Well, it depends what we call easy J  Sometimes it’s hard with the models as some comes in late, the other never shows up and you have to re-organize everything in 2 minutes but I rather have few well working models than 200 that are unreliable.



“What was the boldest scene you’ve ever done?


-Not sure what you mean by the word ”bold” but I guess that silliest? I love all kinds of scenes in uniforms that requires a little silliness like me being the naughty santa clause or me being the Easter bunny J Stuff like that”


 - What was the boldest thing you've ever done in movies?


- As in, the  most "over the edge", insane thing, you consider you practiced/did.
-I fisted myself in one movie I did for my site. I never thought I would be
able to to
it but it turned out that I pretty much enjoyed it and came like 3 times


What would you never do in a porn movie?


-I don’t shoot with boys at all I only did a foot job scene recently because I wanted to shock and surprise my fans. Some were very happy about it and some werent. Im much into foot fetish so I actually liked it J


10 years working as an actress is amazing. Have you been having an easy going path, so far?


-Oh yes BTW the number is 12 now J I like what Im doing I wouldn’t if I didn’t. Im lucky as I travelled around the world and shot wuth the best looking babes. So I consider myself happy as what I am .


Having your nick-name in movies is rewarding to you?


-Yes I came up with that name at the very beginning and loving it every since. I think its ME in the name as well. Im very positive, always shining J



What is your favorite thing to do in porn movies?


-I really like kissing and licking pussies. It’s a big turn on for me.


How were you when you first started? You were, also, a model and started to be a porn actress out of curiosity?


-I’ve been in the fashion biz for 3 years before I started to take my clothes off. That happened when I turned 18 straight J Back in the years I only did photos for over 2 years so I started off slowly. I think that’s why Im still here.


Have you ever regretted yourself for being a model and a porn actress?


-No both my friends and my family is cool with what Im doing so I never had to be ashamed for anything. I never did anything nasty or regretful.


Do you have any idea about of how many movies did you do.


-Honestly? Nope J Must be a few hundreds ;)


What are your present and future plans for personal projects?


-I wish to continue what Im doing for the time that I still have fun and can show something new. I wish to enjoy life in general.


When you quit being an actress, what are you planning on to be?


-Im having a little worls built up in the erotic business as Im not only running 5 sites and my agency but also me and my crew are shooting content on request for other big companies so I believe I will stay in this field. I also want to learn photography and wish to shoot from my point of view. I think I will be a good photographer.


Do you like participating on Viv Thomas’ movies?


-Oh yes he is the brand for the type of movies I personally like. Put two or more beautiful girls together and le them have fun. I love the style so I enjoy being there.


- The Viv Thomas' question about his models and marriage: what I meant 
was, they're pretty much like a family because they work together 
since they can remember, and I believe they care for eachother alot. 
Do you think it's like Viv Thomas is "married" to his models?

-Thats true, its like a little family there at Viv's. I think maybe its
because we are treated well, and he is selecting the girls together who are not only
pretty but also fun to shoot with. And we became friends after. Specially when we
spend a week at his place in Portugal we get closer to each other so we keep in touch
ever after. I think you mean Sandy, Sophie, Eve Angel, Jo, Vera, me... We are still
friends after so many years.


What is his importance, for you, in your career?


-When I started out in this business, he was one of the first photographers who I shot with and we got along very well from the beginning. We’ve always been good friends and I learned a lot from him at my early years. Now we work together and we are still friends. I thinks thats great!



When you were a teenager, did you ever imagined yourself being what you are now?


-I always wanted to be a model (my aunt was a famous fashion model in Hungary)
so I somehow managed ;) Seriously I didn’t like fashion modeling. It was so fake and boring.


Was it easy for you to get along in this area?


-Yes I think I was a bit of shy in the first 30 minutes of my first shoot and every since that I run around naked on the set J  I think in erotic biz there are much more fun people.


Was it also easy for you to become part of this area, receive invitations or participating in castings?


-Yes I never had a problem with that. Im lucky as my name became a brand after a while so I didn’t have to enter any castings anymore. They just said, Sandra Shine? Oh ok no need to come in we book you J


Do you like seeing yourself when working, on DVDs for example?


-I dont really look myself back I have so many behind the scenes work on the computer I see myself a lot on screen so when I come to enjoy a DVD I usually look for somebody else J But yes Im proud of my scenes as they are pretty real.


What does it pleases you the most: participating in hetero or lesbians scenes?


-I only shoot lesbians.


And what are the ones that gives you most sexual pleasure?


-Oh lesbian movies are much fun! I enjoy doing them and watching them too.


Do you like watching porn while you’re alone at home, or are you so ‘sick’ of it that you don’t want to see anything when you’re at home?


-I don’t really watch them but in such rare times I try to look at it as a normal viewer not like a pro J But I usually discover all little mistakes.


When did you first start watching porn? Did you like what you used to see? And what about today, do you think that, overall, the porn’s quality is good?


-I cant really recall this… I’ve never been a great fan of watching movies. I started early in the business so when it started to interest me I was already doing it J



With whom do you like to act with, the most?


-I shot with the best babes I think. I never did the big US porn actresses like Tera Patrick or Jenna James though.


Is there any actress with whom you’ve worked with in the past that you would like to work again? And what about an actor?


-All the beautiful models I shot with and had fun would like to shoot some more of course.


Did you have any influence when you entered this work? And today, do you have any?


-Not really. I just discovered myself and follow the same real fun still.


Do you know if you are an influence, or role model, to any actress or actor?




Did you have some kind of support when you first started your career?


-What you mean by support? I had agents who helped me getting work like everybody else but other that that there isn’t much support you need. If you are pretty and reliable and work well and you even have a little brain that does the magic.


Is it easy to come forth and tell your parents and friends that you’re working as a porn actress?


-No it wasn’t easy to tell my Mom. I left out a magazine and let her find it and we had a quick talk she wasn’t too happy obviously. But then after 3 days she came to me to apologize and told me that if I know what Im doing and saving my money she is cool.
Now she is very proud of what I built out of it.


In sex, what do you like the best?


-I dont have any weird fetishes, I like simple but passionate sex in general. I love doing oral to my partner and I also like having quick rounds on unusual places J


While filming, did you act with any girl or guy that really did surprised you while doing the sex scene?


-Hmm not really.


Do you have any funny story that you’d like to tell us?


-We always play around on the set being goofy and silly so there is a few.




Among all the places that you had to film, what were the ones that pleased you the most?


- I loved shooting at the Caribians. I love the sun, the sea.


You’re thinking on being an actress until what age?


-I didn’t plan on that when I think its enough I will probably stop J


Thank you so much for your time. I wish you all the best of luck with your work!


-Thank you for the cool questions I enjoyed answering them!

If you wish to see more of me please come to my official website:




Interview by Pedro Marques


Translation and correction by Sílvia Dias



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